Online Casino Trends 2019

Live Casino gaming has become an integral part of the gambling business and online industry. The market thrives with a number of competitors which includes game developers and platform providers, along with a huge customer base on the consumer side as well. Owing to all these factors, live casino gaming tends to progressively grow in a few years’ time. And this is cemented by the fact that the trend has already been observed in over the past few decades as well. Thus, with fast growth in the industry, there are chances that an incredible amount of new trends might evolve and develop in the future as well. Here are a few trends in the casino gaming industry that could be observed in 2019:

Table games with live casino dealers:

Although the title might not be a new trend that is to be observed in 2019, what is missing in most brick and mortar venues and online live casino sites is that there is no integration of the two bodies. Live games are played separately at venues and on online casino sites. The concept behind this scheme is that players need not always visit a live casino physically to join a game of their choice. Instead, they use online portals to join a live casino game that is already being played at a real-life casino. This integration will bring digital and land-based plays together and thus increase the excitement of experiencing this unique scheme by many folds.

Significant involvement of cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrency is certainly a new payment feature that is slowly being accepted all around the world, across a diverse set of sectors. However, since fairly new in its inception, a lot many sectors are still unsure about all the aspects of cryptocurrency and fail to identify its advantages as well. The casino industry is, however, picking up the pace to accommodate cryptocurrency as a source of online transactions. Although a few in number, 2019 might see a significant number of live casino game platform providers offering cryptocurrency as an option for transactions as well.

A whole new segment of interactive games:

Virtual reality is one of the most intriguing technologies out there which has become a hot favourite across many sectors. The proposal to make games more interactive for players as it would create an economically profitable situation for companies. On the other hand, it gets even more exciting for players to realize games in a completely unique, new and different format as well. 2019 might see a rise in the number of game developers who might invest significantly in games involving Virtual Reality.

The same trend can be observed in 3D slot games as well. 3D slot games have already become a hot favourite among many players in the industry. The fun aspect of experiencing something new might work in favour of game developers as well. This might lead to more 3D slot games in the market, in 2019 as well.

Unblemished security:

As concerns around privacy and security become more evident, companies and online platforms might invest significantly in secure and private services and practices. Since the consumer base is exponentially increasing in over the years, handling such a vast pool of clients can be difficult if privacy and security have to be covered for all. Thus, newer features regarding security might be added that are in compliance with the legal legislation and provide an uninterrupted and unbridled experience for players to enjoy!


Name: Online Casino Trends 2019
Author : Mia Robinson
Published Date: 14/06/2019